Metamorphosis Speech & Debate Club

We strive to ground students in their Christian Faith, become critical thinkers, and become effective and articulate communicators.

We emphasize Apologetics and Worldview in order to prepare students to go out into the real world where they will experience conflicting views that they might never have thought about or prepared an answer for.

Speech: (4:00-4:45 PM)

We provide drills and instruction for the following speech events: Dramatic , Duo, Humorous, and Open Interpretation; Apologetics, Expository, Original Oratory, Persuasive, Oratory Analysis, and Impromptu Speaking.

Apologetics: (4:45-5:30 PM)

During this time, we will be teaching the students how to write Apologetics speeches. This includes assisting them in the Biblical research of finding answering the 100 Stoa (our league) Apologetic questions as well as finding credible quotes to support these answers. Each student will write their own speech, but we will be working as a team on the same specific questions. Some examples of the 100 questions for this speech event are: “Where did God come from?”, “How many ways are there to heaven?”; “Does science contradict the Bible?”; “Can a person know God?”, and “Are Mormons Christians?” (to find out more – go to www.stoausa.org)

Learning the foundations of Biblical truth by preparing and presenting six minutes speeches helps ground students in their faith.

Debate: (5:45-7:00PM)

Students will learn the basics of argumentation, critical thinking, and debate from experienced coaches, and be trained to debate the philosophies of our day. We will prepare your student, if they are interested and willing to make the effort, to compete in Lincoln Douglas Debate in Stoa league tournaments throughout the state and region.

Biblical Worldview: (7:00-8:30 PM)

How can students learn to defend their Faith and debate the evil philosophies of our day like Marxism, socialism, Communism, Critical Race Theory, Cancel Culture, etc. without a solid understanding of a Biblical Worldview?

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